STAGE/SPACE REQUIREMENTS. How big of a stage do you need?

  • 5-6 piece band stage size at least: 16′ width x 12′ depth
  • 7-8 piece band stage size at least: 24′ width x 16′ depth
  • 9-10 piece band stage size at least 24′ width x 20′ depth

While not mandatory, a stage will enhance your guest’s enjoyment of the band, as the band being clearly seen creates a more interactive band/guest experience. Most hotels and many country clubs have staging available.  If not, staging can almost always be rented in your town or by the venue. If there is no stage, please make sure the band has a flat area with the above dimensions to setup.

If the band is setup outside, make sure the space is free of debris, and that the entire area is covered with a tent or large tarp in case of sudden bad weather.